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Last updated on 11/28/19

Get some practice by completing a skills gap analysis

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The first step is to carry out a SWOT analysis. On a fresh page, create four sections - one for each part of the SWOT analysis.

1. Focussing on your qualities, talents, and skills, make a list of your strengths. Be as honest as you can! Ask friends and colleagues what they think too.   

2. Next, list your weaknesses. Refer to the list of questions in chapter 2 to help you complete this.

3. For the next two parts of your SWOT analysis, consider your working environment. How does it help you excel at work? Make a note of these under the heading opportunities.

4. List the threats that stop you from carrying out your job properly. Be as thorough as you can!

 Finally, take some time to review your SWOT analysis. On a second page, create a list of the personal targets you'd like to achieve under the following three headings: 

Soft skills: Could you be a better listener or work more effectively in a team? What soft skills do you need to develop?

Digital Tools and technology: What courses or further training do you need?

Technical skills: What job-specific skills are you lacking? 

Double-check that you have included the following information :

  • A list of strengths

  • A list of weaknesses

  • A quick analysis of the different opportunities  

  • An inventory of the threats that may prevent you from carrying out your job properly

  • A plan of action listing personal targets under three categories: soft skills, digital tools and technology and technical skills

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement