How does it work

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Our educational philosophy

  • Overview of our courses

    Each of our courses is created by a teacher and/or a field expert. A course can be made up of one or more sections which may include of text, images (diagrams, photographs, etc.) and videos. Each part of a certificate course contains two types of exercise:

    • Quizzes that are corrected automatically
    • Self-corrected activities for you to practice.
  • Course videos

    Each course contains educational text and videos. Videos allow dynamic and efficient learning experiences! Our course videos are, on average, 3-4 minutes long with a maximum duration of 10 minutes. You can watch videos on OpenClassrooms at any time, and our Premium members can download them in high definition in order to watch them offline.

  • Partners

    Some of our courses have been developed in partnership with the following schools, universities and companies: CentraleSupélec, École Polytechnique, ESG, Sciences Po Paris, Sopra...

Course characteristics

  • Accessibility and flexibility

    All our courses are available online on the OpenClassrooms platform, 365 days a year, 24/7, on all devices (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone).

    You can browse our course catalog.

    You can enroll in a course anytime during the year. 300,000 students are connected every month, which allows us to create virtual classes every day. You will automatically join the group of students who have started the course at the same time as you.

  • Average length

    The course duration depends on your learning pace. In general, a course represents about 5-15 hours of work. The average duration for the course is indicated on its description page.

Course Support

  • Online learning assistance

    You have access to our discussion spaces, where millions of messages have already been posted. Ask questions at any time, and other classmates will help you out.

  • Mentoring and support from a private teacher

    You can get mentoring and support from a private teacher via videoconference. The teacher will set your training objectives, establish a progress schedule, answer to your questions, and more.

    Mentoring sessions at regular intervals will keep you learning. You'll have one session per week with your mentor. In general, it will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.


  • Certificates of achievement for courses

    To successfully complete a course, get a final score greater than or equal to 70% on all of the course exercises. You are then eligible to get a certificate of achievement.

    Our certificates of achievement are created in partnership with prestigious universities, schools, and companies that are experts in their respective fields.

    These certificates increase the employability of our students. For some courses, academic credits (ECTS) are delivered by our partners.

  • Paths

    Learning paths are designed to train you for a specific job (ex. web developer). It's a logical succession of courses, exercises, and projects, leading you to acquire skills and know-how.

  • Certificates of achievement for paths

    You'll receive an achievement certificate for a path once you've earned all the course and/or project certificates within the path.

    Some of our paths deliver a professional title that is recognized by the French State, just like a title from a traditional school or university!