Training for all Stuart Riders

Stuart and OpenClassrooms are partnering up to offer an innovative training opportunity exclusively for couriers registered with Stuart.

OpenClassrooms is offering a complimentary Premium Solo pass to its affiliated partners, which provides access to our entire catalog of courses.

“Decode the entrepreneur’s DNA”, “Build your first web pages with HTML and CSS”, “Launch your innovative venture,” are some of the 100 online english courses now available to you in management, business development, coding and development, or professional leadership.

Your special access will allow you to:

  • take an unlimited amount of courses
  • obtain course certificates, confirming newly acquired skills which you can showcase on your résumé or CV
  • access all content with an offline mode.

Don’t wait any longer! Start developing your skills now and boost your career!

Who is eligible?

All workers registered with our partner Stuart are eligible.

How does it work?

Create an OpenClassrooms account by using the "Sign up" or "Sign in" button below.


What is my Stuart email address?

It's the email address that you have on file with our partner Stuart.

How long will I have Premium Solo membership?

For a period of 3 months or until you are removed from the lists of our partner Stuart.

How can I get Premium Plus membership?

The partnership involves Premium Solo access at €20 per month. Premium Plus membership is not included.

I already have Premium Solo membership. How should I proceed?

You must unsubscribe from Premium Solo membership. Once you're unsubscribed, you will be able to take advantage of free Premium Solo membership via the partnership as long as you are correctly registered with Stuart.