Help Desk Technician Apprenticeship

Enter the field of technology by learning to install and manage IT equipment and provide user support.

Training period

12 months full time

Training duration

200 hours supervised

A flexible online program

Imagine starting a brand-new career at any time! Can’t commit to full-time? No problem, study at your own pace.

Real-world projects

Acquire the most relevant skills by completing 7 projects based on those required in your future career.

Individual learning support

Benefit from weekly mentoring sessions with an expert in the field.

OpenClassrooms Certification

Leave the path with the “IT Support Technician Apprenticeship” certification.

Systems & NetworkHelp Desk Technician Apprenticeship

OpenClassrooms Certification

Training period

12 months full time

Training duration

200 hours supervised

Help Desk Technicians are at the core of a business. What are their responsibilities?

Help desk technicians are indispensable in organizations of all industries and sizes that use computers and the software that runs them. 

A help desk technician is involved in all aspects of IT services, from deployment to maintenance, securing and upgrading hardware and software. Help desk technicians are excellent communicators and resourceful problem-solvers. They interact with users or clients throughout a company, from management down, but also outside of their organization, with hardware, software, and network providers. 

Starting out as a help desk technician is a great opportunity for switching to a career in technology, even if you don’t have any prior experience or deep knowledge of IT. As you gain career experience, you can advance to become a Systems Administrator, DevOps engineer or an IT support manager. 

The professional development possibilities are truly endless in the world of IT, all you need to do is start learning.

What Skills Will You Learn During Your Training?

We’ll guide you at the beginning of your help desk technician journey, helping you to set up a solid foundation for your training. You’ll discover the field of information technology by installing, maintaining and improving equipment and troubleshooting users' problems.

Over the course of this training program, we'll teach you a variety of skills, including how to:

  • Set up, configure, and verify the working condition of equipment and software that meets user's needs.
  • Install system and software updates, configure backups, and ensure security.
  • Troubleshoot issues through computer diagnostics and reading relevant documentation.
  • Provide efficient and timely user support, both remote and face to face.
  • Interact with external providers (e.g. order hardware, software and services and inspect the orders before delivering to the users).
  • Analyze requirements, conduct feasibility studies, and suggest improvements to existing systems.

In addition to these technical skills, you’ll learn transversal or "soft" skills, which will help you grow in your career.

How Do OpenClassrooms Apprenticeships Work?  

Apprenticeship programs combine paid on-the-job learning with online project-based instruction that equips employees for high-demand careers in data, technology, and business development.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Onboarding (2-3 weeks prior to start of apprenticeship): Familiarizes both the apprentice and the employer with the training components and requirements. 
  2. Pre-apprenticeship (3 months of training): Provides the apprentice with scenario-based project learning coupled with weekly mentorship and skills building courses in preparation for the formal apprenticeship program.
  3. Apprenticeship (12 months on-the-job, with one day per week of instruction): Continues to build apprentice’s skills via on-the-job training, corresponding online instruction, and weekly one-to-one mentoring sessions. 
  4. Get certified! Following completion of the apprenticeship program, apprentices earn an industry-recognized and nationally portable credential from the U.S. Department of Labor. 

Online But Never Alone! 

Before, during, and after the training program, you’ll be accompanied by humans:

  • One-to-one weekly mentorship sessions with a professional in the field, in partnership with OpenClassrooms, who’ll provide you with support and guidance to complete your projects.
  • OpenClassrooms staff who’ll help you succeed in your apprenticeship.
  • Our global community of student peers with whom you’ll be in regular contact through our online platform. 
A picture of Fayçal, one of the OpenClassrooms mentors on the Data Analyst path.
Fayçal, one of the OpenClassrooms mentors on the Data Analyst path

“Sometimes students are afraid that others will judge them, or simply afraid of failing. My role as a mentor is to remind them that they’re in training, and they’re here to try as many things as possible. The more they try, the more feedback they’ll get on their work. This approach feeds their curiosity and helps them to go faster!”

What Our Students Say About This Apprenticeship

Picture of Stéphanie, a student on an apprenticeship
Stéphanie, student on an apprenticeship

“I think you can do an apprenticeship at any age. Contracts exist for older people, not just for young people or people earning a degree!” 

A picture of Ousmane, a student on an apprenticeship
Ousmane, student on an apprenticeship

I feel like my apprenticeship is going to make me a whole new person! It’s the best way to easily learn things, through practice, and by quickly immersing yourself in the reality of work in real companies.”

Are You Eligible for This Apprenticeship?

To be eligible for this apprenticeship, you must demonstrate proof of the following prerequisites:

  • Be over 18 years of age and have the right to work in the U.S.
  • Have a high school/secondary school degree, vocational certificate, or equivalent.

Technical prerequisites:

  • Fundamentals of computer literacy (high-school degree level).
  • Basic experience in IT, including: 
    • setting up, configuring, and validating the functionality of computer hardware, desktop operating systems (such as Windows) and software
    • setting up virtual machines (e.g. with VirtualBox) and understanding scripting (e.g.PowerShell)
    • backing up and securing workstations (e.g. with Windows Defender) 

These skills can be validated by having successfully completed an OpenClassrooms pre-apprenticeship, an equivalent bootcamp, or the following courses:

  1. Assemble a computer.
  2. Set Up Your PC Using Windows 10
  3. Set Up Virtual Machines Using VirtualBox and vSphere.
  4. Set Up Backup Solutions.

Language: a good level of English (for non-native speakers, a CEFR level of B2, an IELTS band score of 6.5, or a TOEFL score of 80 is recommended).

Equipment: access to a computer (PC or Mac), headphones, a webcam, and a stable internet connection.

  • At least 8GB of RAM and 50GB of free storage space available on your computer (16GB of RAM and 100GB of free storage space are recommended).
  • Administrator rights to your computer in order to install required programs.

Your certificate

  • OpenClassrooms is an online training educational establishment, declared as such by the French authority ‘le rectorat de l'Académie de Paris’.

  • Once you’ve completed your training program, and subject to validating your skills, you will receive the OpenClassrooms standard certificate "IT Support Technician Apprenticeship".

Systems & NetworkHelp Desk Technician Apprenticeship

OpenClassrooms Certification

Training period

12 months full time

Training duration

200 hours supervised

A teaching method based on practical experience.

  • Acquire key skills for your future career with real-world projects.

  • Make progress with the support of an experienced professional.

  • Acquire concrete know-how and demonstrate it with a portfolio.

Detailed projects and skills

project 1

Dive into Your Help Desk Technician Apprenticeship

Step into your new role and find out what it means to be a Help Desk Technician. In this first project, you’ll also define your goals and your study schedule.

10 hours supervised

Skills acquired in this project
  • Adopt a lifelong learning mindset
project 2

Handle IT Service Management on a Daily Basis

In this fictional project, you are a Helpdesk manager. You'll perform a variety of typical daily IT support tasks using ZenDesk.

25 hours supervised

Skills acquired in this project
  • Perform minor repairs to hardware or peripheral equipment
  • Read order sheets to prepare for delivery to users
  • Maintain records of daily IT activities, such as data usage, problems and remedial actions
project 3

Develop an SME’s IT Infrastructure

For this second fictional project, you are working for an IT design team. You will implement a new Wireless network for an IT service provider’s client, including physical equipment and an IP addressing plan.

35 hours supervised

Skills acquired in this project
  • Install hardware or peripheral equipment following specifications
  • Confer with users to provide technical assistance and support
project 4

Install and Configure a Workstation at Your Company

Find a new employee in your company who needs their workstation installed. Ensure it is in working order and customize their software and browser settings.

25 hours supervised

Skills acquired in this project
  • Inspect equipment to prepare for delivery to users
  • Install software following specifications
  • Set up equipment for employee use
project 5

Manage Windows Computers at Your Company

Find a user who needs workstation updates and fixes. Install security updates on their Windows computer, fix their defective machine, and let the user know what changes you've made.

35 hours supervised

Skills acquired in this project
  • Read technical manuals or conduct computer diagnostics to investigate and resolve problems
  • Customize the initial installation of commercial programs for internal needs
  • Answer user inquiries regarding computer operation to resolve problems
  • Train users in the proper use of hardware or software
project 6

Back Up Workstations at Your Company

Find a person or a team in your company who needs to improve their data backup and hardware security. Ensure IT security for this person or team using automatic backups.

40 hours supervised

Skills acquired in this project
  • Enter commands and observe system functions to verify correct operations and detect errors
  • Develop training materials and procedures
  • Oversee the daily performance of computer systems
project 7

Improve a Company's Information System

In this final fictional project, you’ll propose a firewall solution for a communications agency and organize the safe disposal of equipment.

30 hours supervised

Skills acquired in this project
  • Recommend improvements or upgrades to computer hardware
  • Confer with other stakeholders to establish requirements for new systems or modifications
  • Recommend improvements to computer or information systems

One-to-one learning support

  • Benefit from weekly individual mentoring sessions with an expert in the field.

  • Progress rapidly through projects thanks to their expertise in sharing know-how.

The OpenClassrooms community

  • Count on our solid student community to give you support 24-7.

  • Share your doubts or queries with a comprehensive network of students, mentors, and graduates.

How exactly will I learn on an OpenClassrooms path?

From choosing what to study to starting their new career, our students describe their experiences and the support they received at every step of the way.

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