Cybersecurity Analyst (US Apprenticeship)

Become a fully-fledged junior cybersecurity analyst and ​embark on a fulfilling career in cybersecurity.

Training period
12 months full time
Training duration
402 hours supervised

A flexible online program

Imagine starting a brand-new career at any time! Can’t commit to full-time? No problem, study at your own pace.

Real-world projects

Acquire the most relevant skills by completing 9 projects based on those required in your future career.

Individual learning support

Benefit from weekly mentoring sessions with an expert in the field.

OpenClassrooms Certification

Leave the path with the “Cybersecurity Analyst Apprenticeship” certification.
CybersecurityCybersecurity Analyst (US Apprenticeship)
OpenClassrooms Certification
Training period
12 months full time
Training duration
402 hours supervised

Cybersecurity Analysts: what are their responsibilities?


Cybersecurity professionals are instrumental in safeguarding organizations from cyber threats and ensuring their success. Your life as a cybersecurity professional can be very different, depending on the specific job you do:

  • On the offensive side of cybersecurity, penetration testers and ethical hackers are here to identify vulnerabilities in systems, simulate cyber attacks to test the effectiveness of security measures, and provide recommendations for improving security.
  • On the defensive side, SOC Analysts and incident responders typically monitor and defend networks against security threats, analyze security breaches, and ensure the integrity of information systems.
  • Governance-wise, GRC analysts – for Governance, Risk, and Compliance – focus on ensuring that the organization manages risks effectively, maintains governance standards and complies with regulatory requirements.


As a cybersecurity analyst, you might actually find yourself involved in all these activities to varying extents and levels of autonomy, depending on the responsibilities of your team. That's why our program encompasses all three aspects and the associated skills.

What skills will you learn during this training?

Our program propels IT professionals directly into the heart of the cybersecurity arena. We will train you to be versatile, with operational competencies in the pivotal roles of SOC Analyst for defensive security, Ethical Hacker/Pentester for offensive security, and GRC Analyst for governance, risks and compliance


Over the course of this training program, we'll thus teach you a variety of skills, including how to:

  • Raise employees’ awareness and commitment to cybersecurity
  • Conduct a Web penetration test and share its results and recommendations
  • Secure critical assets and infrastructure
  • Automate recurrent activities by writing and running scripts in Python
  • Investigate cybersecurity incidents and contain attacks
  • Assess the compliance and risk level of a supplier


In addition to these technical skills, you’ll also learn transversal or "soft" skills, which will help you grow in your career.

This holistic approach ensures you will not just be a specialist in one domain but a fully-fledged junior cybersecurity analyst, prepared to tackle diverse challenges head-on.


The value for your employer and your career is twofold:

  • Initially, you will bring an immediate proficiency in key cybersecurity activities, executing tasks efficiently, proactively, and reliably.
  • As you grow in your role over time, you will already possess the foundational knowledge to specialize in any of the three core areas, aligning your skills with the evolving needs of your organization.


General security concepts, security architecture, security operations, security program management & oversight, threats, vulnerabilities & mitigations: Our curriculum is meticulously mapped to the CompTIA Security+ certification, recognized by the DoDD 8140, ensuring a commitment to both excellence and ethics.


How Do OpenClassrooms Apprenticeships Work? 

Apprenticeship programs combine paid on-the-job learning with online project-based instruction that equips employees for high-demand careers in data, technology, and business development.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Onboarding (2-3 weeks prior to start of apprenticeship): Familiarizes both the apprentice and the employer with the training components and requirements. 
  2. Pre-apprenticeship (3 months of training): Provides the apprentice with scenario-based project learning coupled with weekly mentorship and skills building courses in preparation for the formal apprenticeship program. This cybersecurity core mastery bootcamp is ideal for those needing to develop and demonstrate their cyber-awareness and proficiency in key activities before starting their apprenticeship.
  3. Apprenticeship (12 months on-the-job, with one day per week of instruction): Continues to build apprentice’s skills via on-the-job training, corresponding online instruction, and weekly one-to-one mentoring sessions. 
  4. Get certified! Following completion of the apprenticeship program, apprentices earn an industry-recognized and nationally portable credential from the U.S. Department of Labor. 



At OpenClassrooms, learning is project-driven because that’s the fastest way to become proficient. Projects offer hands-on experience so you can hit the ground running when you start your new job.  

This path has nine projects that you’ll need to complete, one at a time. You’ll receive a detailed brief with the context, customer requirements, and additional details. Then it’s up to you to go and make it real! To do this, you’ll have to be creative, coming up with innovative solutions to the questions at hand.

Want to see an example of a project? Read our blog post here.


Online But Never Alone! 

Before, during, and after the training program, you’ll be accompanied by humans:

  • One-to-one weekly mentorship sessions with a professional in the field, in partnership with OpenClassrooms, who’ll provide you with support and guidance to complete your projects.
  • OpenClassrooms staff who’ll help you succeed in your apprenticeship.
  • Our global community of student peers with whom you’ll be in regular contact through our online platform. 


Thomas ROCCIA, Senior Security Researcher at Microsoft, and mentor on OpenClassrooms' Cybersecurity paths.
Thomas ROCCIA, Senior Security Researcher at Microsoft, and mentor on OpenClassrooms' Cybersecurity paths.


"As a mentor, my role is to support students and share my professional experience in the field of cybersecurity. What's exciting is to guide and accompany enthusiastic and motivated students, as this allows us to develop our pedagogical skills and transmit our passion for this constantly evolving field." Thomas


Are You Eligible for This Apprenticeship?


To be eligible for this apprenticeship, you must demonstrate proof of the following prerequisites:

  • Be over 18 years of age and have the right to work in the U.S.
  • Have a high school/secondary school degree, vocational certificate, or equivalent.


Technical prerequisites:

To get the most out of this program, you should already have some level of ​IT proficiency​ and ​cyber-awareness​.

IT Proficiency​ can be evidenced by having an Associate’s level degree or equivalent in IT (like graduating from our Help Desk Technician training program) or possessing at least 2 years of professional experience in IT.

Cyber-awareness​ can be developed through our 3-month Cybersecurity core mastery bootcamp. Alternatively, already holding introductory certifications like the ISC2 CC or ISACA CFC will equip you with the necessary foundational knowledge to make a success of this apprenticeship program.


Language: a good level of English (for non-native speakers, a CEFR level of B2, an IELTS band score of 6.5, or a TOEFL score of 80 is recommended).


Equipment: access to a computer (PC or Mac), headphones, a webcam, and a stable internet connection.

  • At least 8GB of RAM and 50GB of free storage space available on your computer (16GB of RAM and 100GB of free storage space are recommended).
  • Administrator rights to your computer in order to install required programs.


Your certificate

  • OpenClassrooms is an online training educational establishment, declared as such by the French authority ‘le rectorat de l'Académie de Paris’.
  • Once you’ve completed your training program, and subject to validating your skills, you will receive the OpenClassrooms standard certificate "Cybersecurity Analyst Apprenticeship".
CybersecurityCybersecurity Analyst (US Apprenticeship)
OpenClassrooms Certification
Training period
12 months full time
Training duration
402 hours supervised

A teaching method based on practical experience.

  • Acquire key skills for your future career with real-world projects.
  • Make progress with the support of an experienced professional.
  • Acquire concrete know-how and demonstrate it with a portfolio.

Detailed projects and skills

project 1

Dive into Your Cybersecurity Analyst Training

Discover your projects and plan your training.
12 hours supervised
Skills acquired in this project
  • Prepare for your training
project 2

Raise Employees' Awareness and Commitment to Cybersecurity

Your organization’s employees’ cybersecurity habits have led to serious incidents in the past. Your mission: to draw up a user charter and organize its deployment to win everyone’s engagement.
50 hours supervised
Skills acquired in this project
  • Communicate with policy violators to ensure future compliance
  • Raise awareness within the company on cybersecurity issues
  • Write a user charter supporting the global security policy
project 3

Let's Capture Flags - CTF Challenges

As a cybersecurity enthusiast, discover Root-Me and solve challenges in different categories in order to adopt the mindset of an attacker.
20 hours supervised
Skills acquired in this project
  • Perform penetration tests on web applications
project 4 - under construction

Conduct a Web Penetration Test

40 hours supervised
project 5 - under construction

Secure Critical Assets and Infrastructure

60 hours supervised
project 6 - under construction

Write and Run Scripts in Python

30 hours supervised
project 7 - under construction

Investigate Cybersecurity Incidents and Contain Attacks

80 hours supervised
project 8 - under construction

Assess the Compliance and Risk Level of a Supplier

60 hours supervised
project 9 - under construction

Keep Your Exposure to Compromise under Control

50 hours supervised

One-to-one learning support

  • Benefit from weekly individual mentoring sessions with an expert in the field.
  • Progress rapidly through projects thanks to their expertise in sharing know-how.

The OpenClassrooms community

  • Count on our solid student community to give you support 24-7.
  • Share your doubts or queries with a comprehensive network of students, mentors, and graduates.

How exactly will I learn on an OpenClassrooms path?

From choosing what to study to starting their new career, our students describe their experiences and the support they received at every step of the way.

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