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J'ai tout compris !

Mis à jour le 31/07/2020

Time to practice

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Here an additional inspirational activity that I suggest.

We learn a lot, as entrepreneur, from other experiences, other projects, other stories. For this reason, I’d like to suggest an additional work that, we hope, will stimulate / energize the rest of the community.

 As a participant, a future entrepreneur, I ask you to look around you, among your network, or on a larger scale on the web, and try to identify an entrepreneur and a project that illustrate, in your perception, this core principle of “watching the world differently, challenging common wisdom, good practices”.

Once identified, I suggest you post on the forum a quick summary of the project and why you believe it does illustrate particularly well this principle.

 So open up your browser, turn on your phone and surprise us!

Exemple de certificat de réussite
Exemple de certificat de réussite