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J'ai tout compris !

Mis à jour le 31/07/2020

Get some practice assessing your own idea

It's your turn!

During the last exercise, you generated ideas, from among which,  you selected the top 3.

Now, based on your views, we ask you, to choose one of the top 3 ideas, and analyze it using the framework that we introduced during this period.

This framework is a pdf that you should complete.

Download the pdf form by clicking here and do not forget to save once you have completed it ! Then you will have to zip it and submit it below.

Use chapter 7: “Let's assess Adamence opportunity” as a guideline (in this video I summarized Adamence's key facts by following the framework).

Two principles should drive that work:

  • There is a lot about your venture yon don’t and you can’t know at this stage. It’s just an idea, right ? So when you make a hypothesis, it’s important it appears as such in the framework (as opposed to a proven fact)

  • You must, as much as possible, support every statement you make while building the framework, by tangible evidence, coming from web searches, from analyzing a comparable, market facts, etc.

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