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This part of the course covered:

  • asynchronous code — what it is, how it works, and how we can use callbacks, promises, and async/await to leverage its power in JavaScript

  • making POST requests — how they differ from GET requests, how they are used for sending data rather than just for requesting it

  • making parallel and serial requests — using promises and async/await to chain different requests together and pass data between them, and Promise.all to make independent parallel requests

  • writing robust code — thinking about various error handling strategies to make our app as reliable as possible

Thus far, all of the exercises have used Codevolve, allowing you to code directly inside each lesson. In the next and final part of this course, we'll be moving out of the browser and into your machine. We'll be looking at how to set up your local development environment and at a few tools that may come in extremely handy.

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