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Get some practice building an employee database!

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It's your turn!

You've recently replaced the only full-time developer working at a small sales company called Ergo Chop that specializes in cutlery.

The Ergo Chop Logo - a knife crossing a fork
The Ergo Chop Logo

Your first assignment is to create an employee database. The database is already designed, with five defined Entities. You will build the database based on the ERD provided:

The ERD for the employee database indicates 5 tables for the database. The Customers table contains the attributes phone number, customer number, name, and address. The Products table contains the attributes price, type, and manufacturer. The Shops table
The ERD for the employee database

Your supervisor recommends using SQL Server Express Edition, which is what the previous developer was using. (You can use the 2014 version provided in the link, or the 2017 version. There is little to no functional difference within the scope of this assignment.) However, for this first assignment, she doesn't mind if you use a DBMS that you're more familiar with, if you prefer.

Check your work!

Check that the database includes:

  • One table for each entity.

  • At least 10 records per table with simulated data.

  • Appropriate attribute names.

  • Appropriate data types.

  • A primary key defined for each table.

Exemple de certificat de réussite
Exemple de certificat de réussite