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Check Your Database Design Skills!

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  • Identify the features of a well-designed database


Check What You've Learned About Structuring a Relational Database!

  • Question 1

    Which of the following is true of a primary key value?

    • The primary key is optional for any table.

    • Primary key values uniquely identify records in a table.

    • A primary key, once defined, always has the same value.

    • Primary keys are defined by their ability to speed up data retrieval.

  • Question 2

    Per the standards recommended in this course, which of the following are appropriate column names?

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    • CustomerID

    • customerIdentification

    • Customer's Last Name

    • CustomerLastName

    • City

  • Question 3

    Which of the following are true of SQL script files?

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    • They're a great way to transport your database, specific objects, or data from one location to another.

    • They are not useful if you are updating a table on a customer’s machine.

    • Writing them requires specialized script-editing software.

    • They reduce the risk of human error due to manual updates.