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Introduction du cours

As you become more and more capable as a Python developer, you’ll find yourself working on larger, more complex systems and collaborating with other developers on your code.

Maybe you’ll be contributing to an open-source project. You could be hired to work on a team. You might even build a complex and successful product with Python and need to hire someone else to help you!

It will be a great advantage if you’re writing code that’s clear to read, simple to understand, easy to modify, and resistant to bugs.

So in this course, you’ll learn how to write Python code to a professional standard by following the PEP 8 style guide, design patterns, and the SOLID design principles.

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Meet your teacher
  Photo of Daniel Timms

I'm Daniel, and I've been both a software developer and a tutor for nearly a decade, using Python for diverse applications, including automation, web development, testing, and machine learning. I enjoy traveling and exploring different parts of the world, so right now, I could be anywhere!

I also represent the United Kingdom in Mental Math competitions, where again, Python helps me automate parts of my training and coaching. It's a great language to master, and I'm here to help you get the most out of it!

Table des matières

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Exemple de certificat de réussite