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Understand the Course Structure

Understand the Course Structure

This course has three parts, each of which has several chapters. At the end of each part, you can test what you’ve learned by taking the quiz.

When you have completed the course, OpenClassrooms will send you a certificate! 💪

So what am I going to learn?

  • In Part 1, you will discover the fundamentals of effective communication. 

  • In Part 2, you will learn about how to personalize professional relationships based on: intimacy-level, personality-type, and individual motivators. 

  • In Part 3, you will learn how adapt to challenging situations. You will learn how to handle objections, how to give and receive feedback, and how to set boundaries with others. 

Is this course right for me? 

This course should be useful no matter what skills you want to develop and what job you’re interested in pursuing. It is not aimed at any specific sector. As long as you interact with another person (colleague, boss, employee client, customer, service provider, assistant, mere mortal), then this course is for you! :lol:

Perhaps you're an app designer who needs to ask colleagues for help? A freelancer who works with clients? An HR manager who needs to work with each staff members on their career plan Then you're in the right place!

Is the course hands-on?

Throughout this course, I will encourage you to look in the mirror and think back to customer service situations you’ve faced in the past. You should write about your experiences in the workbook to keep track of this.

Please open your workbook now and answer the first few questions:

  • What brought you here? What do you want to learn in this course?

  • Can you define being service-minded? What does it mean to you? 

  • Could you give an example of an interaction with someone in the workplace (a customer, a colleague, your manager, etc.) that went particularly well? Why do you think it went well?

  • Could you give an example of an interaction with someone in the workplace (a customer, a colleague, your manager, etc.) that went particularly badly? Why do you think it went badly?

Meet the Authors

Banner of Thomas Lenczner with his photo and name

For the past five years, Thomas has been helping companies transform their business culture and improve their managerial and sales behaviors. When he transitioned to being a freelancer, Thomas quickly discovered that number one factor in client retention was having a service-minded attitude. Having a higher client retention rate means that he dedicates less time searching for new clients, and more time and energy with his current roster. In this course, Thomas shares the lessons he has learned about being service-minded. He is the author of the written portion of this course. 


Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Digital Voices, a Youtube Influencer marketing agency. Her company's mission is to help brands make content their customers want to find instead of ads they want to skip. As the intermediary between brands and Youtube content creators, being service-minded and building trust is essential to her business. Prior to launching Digital Voices, she worked at Youtube, teaching creators to grow their platform. In this course, Jenny shares her experience in video interviews. She has been featured by Forbes, BBC News, Sky News, and Wired among others. 

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