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Create a Prevention Plan

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  • Create a Prevention Plan
  • Question 1

    Why do you use preemptive actions?

    • To help reduce the risks of problems arising

    • To make sure that you cannot be sued in case something goes wrong

    • To recruit more people into your projects

    • To ensure that everyone listens to you as the project manager

  • Question 2

    Imagine you need to hire a web developer with specific knowledge and experience. Which of the following actions would be considered a preemptive action to reduce the risk of a bad hire? 

    Attention, plusieurs réponses sont possibles.
    • Conduct a interview where you tell the candidate about the skills needed and observe how they are able to provide their reasoning.

    • Require a practice test to demonstrate specific knowledge.

    • Speak to referrals that know the candidate and their previous experiences.

    • Increase the job interview duration from 30 minutes to one hour.

  • Question 3

    True/False: In a prevention plan, the person responsible for monitoring how the risks evolve during the project must implement all preventative measures.

    • True - if you highlight the risk it becomes your responsibility to resolve it.

    • False - if you highlight the risk you’re responsible for making sure the correct person resolves it.

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