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Last updated on 9/10/20

Get some practice discovering the product management job universe!

It's your turn!

Now it's time to look at the product manager job market and see what's out there!

You will now go looking at online job boards to find some currently open roles and analyze what exactly they are looking for and how your profile matches to these roles.

You will create 5 text files. Each text file will have four sections:

  • The search term you used when searching on the job site and the city you searched in

  • The entire job description that you have pasted in

  • Your analysis of what kind of product manager they are looking for (use the checklist below)

  • Your 'reflection' on this role. Is it a role that attracts you? What strengths and weaknesses can you identify in your own profile in terms of being the ideal candidate? (note if you have no product manager experience, that's fine - maybe you can find some reasons why

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