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Last updated on 2/6/20

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Evaluated skills

  • Select the right business structure
  • Choose the right business name
  • Identify the difference between PAYE and self-assessment tax systems
  • Secure work for day one
  • Question 1

    Which of the following skills should freelancers have?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Can work in a team

    • Can use active listening skills

    • Uses complex written communications to get their point across

    • Has great time management

    • Is self-disciplined

  • Question 2

    A sole trader is the only company structure that is a legally separate entity.

    • True

    • False

  • Question 3

    Choosing a limited company as your business structure is necessary when…

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • You’re trading online

    • You want to sell shares to raise finance

    • You’d like less paperwork

    • You don’t want to be personally liable for any debt

    • You want to set up a part-time business with a friend