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Last updated on 2/21/22

Analyze the Architecture of an Existing Application

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Evaluated skills

  • Analyze the architecture of an existing application
  • Question 1

    Imagine your client is a delivery company that uses drones. Which of the following is a “data-centric” issue that suggests an architecture change?

    • Customers must phone in an order for a drone package pickup.

    • Drones must be inspected for damage upon their return home to base.

    • The company would like to track the average time that drones spend on a package pickup and delivery run.

    • The company wants to track drone propeller replacement rates to anticipate when more propellers need to be ordered.

  • Question 2

    Imagine your client is a delivery company that uses drones. Which of the following is a business process contains non-electronic steps issue?

    • Drones’ are automatically flown over a test range to check their GPS sensitivity.

    • The customer database is examined to find the top 10% of purchasers in order to send them an appreciation email.

    • Birds attack some drones in flight. A motion stability detector is used to determine a bird attack, with the drone emitting a loud screech.

    • After a drone has delivered a package, it waits for the customer to press the “return to base” button. 

  • Question 3

    Given the following use case description:

    A customer places an order for a drone pickup of a package.
    The journey’s distance is calculated.
    The drone’s fuel usage for the journey is calculated.
    If enough fuel is available for the full journey the drone is dispatched.

    Which of the entities are NOT represented in the UML class diagram below?


    Use case diagram
    Use case diagram
    • Drone. 

    • Journey. 

    • Travel Distance. 

    • Fuel Usage.