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Optimize a Website Built in a Javascript Framework

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  • Optimize the SEO of a website built using a JavaScript framework
  • Question 1

    Why does Google have trouble interpreting JavaScript?

    Multiple answers are allowed.

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    • Rendering a site in JavaScript requires a lot of resources.

    • Errors in JavaScript have a bigger impact than in other languages.

    • JavaScript is not meant to be used to encode entire websites.

  • Question 2

    You want to create a new site that's intended for marketing and acquiring new customers. Which technology should you choose?

    • A single-page app in Angular because it's easy to navigate and will encourage visitors to become customers.

    • A site like Wordpress with pages rendered in HTML and CSS.

    • A site in Node.js for the backend, and React for the front end.

    • A site in Vue.js: there is nothing better for web development.

  • Question 3

    It is possible to use # to indicate different URLs, which is ideal for SEO.

    • True

    • False