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UX in the Real World

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Compétences évaluées

  • Recognize good/bad user experiences
  • Understand different roles within the industry
  • Question 1

    What does UX stand for?

    • User eXpertise

    • User eXperience

    • United eXperience

    • United Enhancements

  • Question 2

    Select the correct statement:

    • Only trained designers understand UX design.

    • UX design is all around us, but most people never think about it.

  • Question 3

    What statement best describes the "beginner's mindset"?

    • Proving to all your team mates how much you know about a subject.

    • Starting to design solutions before you know what the problem is.

    • Going into a situation with an open mind. 

    • There are a large number of possibilities when you're an expert.