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Last updated on 5/11/20

Designing a business model

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Evaluated skills

  • Complete a business model canvas
  • Question 1

    A business model is:

    • A conceptual model for a business that describe the value that the business create for customers, how it delivers this value and how it captures value through making profits.

    • The amount charged per customer

  • Question 2

    We use the Lean Canvas in this course because:

    • It maps well to the terminology and concepts most relevant to online companies and startups and can be completed online.

    • All other business model canvases are not as good

  • Question 3

    Which of the following is NOT a benefit of completing a one-page lean canvas?

    • Validating assumptions

    • Removing all the risk from your business plan

    • Provides a checklist to make sure we consider several elements of a business model