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Last updated on 1/13/20

Think about the big picture

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Evaluated skills

  • Manage client and co-worker expectations through clear communication
  • Write a concise project brief to guide both clients and co-workers
  • Create a product roadmap to estimate timeframes and prioritize project goals
  • Define measures for success to ensure goals are met
  • Manage your time by using organizational techniques and tools
  • Question 1

    The benefit(s) of managing expectations in any project include:

    • It limits unexpected surprises.

    • It helps a project move faster because everyone involved understands their role. 

    • It eliminates assumptions that can lead to misunderstandings. 

    • All of the above.

  • Question 2

    Involving the client in the process is crucial because...

    • ...it's their money.

    • ...the client provides information, knowledge, and insights that a team would not otherwise have.

    • ...the client is always right.

    • ...the client is likely very busy, so they need to know when to update their calendar.

  • Question 3

    KPIs stand for:

    • Keep - Planning - Iteration

    • Key Performance Indicators

    • Key Planning Indicators

    • Key Performance Ignition