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Last updated on 12/9/20

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Evaluated skills

  • Find your place in the team


Once you've completed the quiz, I encourage you to spend a few minutes reading the explanations provided for the correct answers. 

  • Question 1

    Imagine a situation: you work in a team for an educational project, and one of your main values is to share knowledge. Obviously, there is a lot of consistency between the two. What is the most advanced need satisfied here, according to Maslow's hierarchy?

    • The need for survival

    • The need for safety

    • The need for social belonging

    • The need for recognition or esteem

    • The need to realise one’s potential, for self-actualisation

  • Question 2

    Why is it important to be clear with your needs as defined by Maslow?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • To find out which of the 5 needs defined by Maslow are relevant to you.

    • To identify what you want and why you behave a certain way in a professional context.

    • To learn how to deal with the inevitable frustration of certain needs in the team.

  • Question 3

    A good level of emotional maturity involves:

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • holding back the expression of emotion

    • becoming aware of the trigger of the emotion

    • expressing a substitute emotion

    • expressing your authentic emotion

    • expressing your needs

    • making a request