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Last updated on 2/18/22

Prepare your speech

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Evaluated skills

  • Adapt your speech depending on the context
  • Mobilize storytelling techniques to build content
  • Visualize and memorize content thanks to mind mapping


Your friend Sarah works as a UX designer in a communications agency. Her boss tells her that she will have to speak at the end of the week and present her latest project, a new user pathway for a bank's website.

You offer to help her prepare for the event.

  • Question 1

    Sarah has never given a presentation before and feels stressed about it. You reassure her by explaining that to be a good orator, she must:

    • Recite her text with interest.

    • Be confident -- she's lucky that she is an extrovert.

    • Rely on her personality, style, and originality.

    • Avoid preparing to remain spontaneous.

  • Question 2

    Sarah has a strong command of her field. She has already had the opportunity to present her project to her boss and co-workers. She tells you that she has a lot of material but doesn't know where to begin. What would you advise her to do first?

    • Open the PowerPoint for the previous presentation to adapt it for this new assignment.

    • Create a detailed list of the content in her presentation to assess the quantity of information she intends to impart.

    • Start speaking in front of you to check what she remembers and make the prospect less daunting.

    • Familiarize herself with the context to better determine the purpose of her speech.

  • Question 3

    Sarah has noted the key information for her presentation: Who? What? How? Why? She must now think about an angle from which to approach her speech. What would you advise her to do?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Identify the message she wants to convey.

    • Think about the customer's motivations.

    • Produce a mind map.

    • Think of an anecdote that will grip the audience.