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Last updated on 2/21/22

Get the Most out of This Course

Welcome to this course on Node, Express, and MongoDB!

This course is designed for developers who already have JavaScript knowledge. Generally speaking, most developers start learning JavaScript via the front end: creating dynamic web pages with DOM manipulation and user interaction.

This course aims to help you apply your JavaScript knowledge to back-end technology (Node, Express, and MongoDB) to create functional servers capable of interacting with databases.

That way, you can become a full-stack developer, creating all of the working parts for an entire web app: back end and front end. 

Let's briefly discuss the structure of this course so you can get the most out of it!

Each chapter starts with a video where I summarize the chapter's content and explain specific technical points.

Next, in the chapter text, you'll mostly find screencasts You'll also find screencasts — video recordings of my screen — showing what I describe later in the text. I indeed afterwards explain concepts in detail and guide you through their practical application.

The quizzes at the end of each part will help check your new knowledge and identify which chapters you need to revise.

Ready to get going? Let's jump right into it in the next chapter!

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