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Last updated on 2/21/22

Are You Ready to Secure Your API?

Evaluated skills

  • Protect selected routes with token-based authentication in an Express app
  • Question 1

    In an Express app, a controller:

    • Registers different routes to the app

    • Contains the business logic for a given route or set of routes

    • Registers different routes to a router, which it then exports

  • Question 2

    It is generally safe to store unencrypted passwords in a database that requires a password to access.

    • True

    • False

  • Question 3

    What does bcrypt's hash function do?

    • It creates an encoded string that can later be decoded using the same secret string

    • It encrypts the given string with a simple two-way cipher

    • It encrypts the given string with a one-way algorithm, making it virtually impossible to decrypt

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