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Last updated on 5/25/20

Identify the Basics of Relational Databases

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Evaluated skills

  • Distinguish relational databases from NoSQL databases
  • Describe the elements of relational databases


For any quiz questions you struggle with, don't forget to go back and review the relevant content to make sure the concepts are clear before moving on.

  • Question 1

    Select the characteristics of a traditional relational database:

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • It is more specialized than other types of databases.

    • It reduces data redundancy.

    • It keeps data stored in only one location.

    • It minimizes the chances that data will not be updated.

  • Question 2

    How many general types are used to categorize data in a relational database?

    • Two

    • Three

    • Four

    • Five

  • Question 3

    In a relational database, what is an entity?

    • The description of an object.

    • A characteristic of an object.

    • Anything that can be described.

    • The technical term for a ghost.

    • The entire database as a whole.