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Last updated on 6/2/23

Check What You've Learned About Structuring a Relational Database!

Evaluated skills

  • Manage the structure of a relational database


For any quiz questions you struggle with, don't forget to go back and review the relevant content to make sure the concepts are clear before moving on.

  • Question 1

    A single occurrence of an entity would be known as ___.

    • a field

    • an entity instance

    • an attribute

    • a relational model

  • Question 2

    A lack of referential integrity leads to ___ and ___.

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • orphan records

    • broken records

    • orphan links

    • broken links

    • plagiarism

  • Question 3

    What is an entity type?

    • A collection of two or more tables with similar attributes.

    • One of the following categories: number, date/time, boolean, or text.

    • A single instance of a defined entity.

    • A database modeled by a single table.

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