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Last updated on 3/7/22

Find hacks by applying the AARRR funnel

Evaluated skills

  • Find hacks by applying the AARRR funnel
  • Question 1

    Reviewing your website's analytics, you notice that most of your visitors come once, and only a few come back. You then want to implement a growth hacking action so that more will come back. On which stage of your AARRR funnel are you going to work? 

    • Acquisition

    • Activation

    • Retention

    • Revenue

    • Recommendation

  • Question 2

    You work as a growth hacker for a company that has just launched a project management product. You observe user behavior to see where numbers are highest and classify user actions into the AARRR funnel. Which of these belong to the activation step?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • The user subscribes to a paid plan.

    • The user visits the homepage or a landing.

    • The user consults the paid plans page.

    • The user invites a collaborator on the project.

    • The user activates the registration button.

    • The user returns to the project two weeks later.

    • The user returns to the project one week later.

    • The user finishes the registration process.

    • The invited collaborator registers and joins the shared project.

  • Question 3

    You work for a company that sells lunch trays directly to employees at various workplaces. You're thinking about a hack idea on paid channels to increase your acquisition rate.

    To determine if your hack is worth investing in paid channels, you decide to calculate your customers' lifetime value from the following data specified in your customer file below.

    Note that the average lifespan of a customer is two years. 


                                   Avg. revenue/week     Avg. number visits/week















    What is the lifetime value of your customers?

    • 460,80 $

    • 599,040 $

    • 26,208 $

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