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Quiz 3

Compétences évaluées

  • Understand the concept of a business model
  • Question 1

    The software company quoted in the introduction video is facing 2 choices for selling their software to TV channels that requires a high level of customization service, going direct or going through integrators. What does going direct mean?

    • Generating more short term revenue but a harder to scale organization, leading to a small local player    

    • Selling more efficiently a complex product, which is always the best option

    • Selling the product at a higher price through better service offering    

    • Selling also more complementary products    

    • Gaining more control over customers, which means more sales, and an higher potential business    

    • Higher customer loyalty    

  • Question 2

    How did Laguiole survive to the low cost Asian competition?

    • Pivoting to a totally new business    

    • Investing in a high volume capacity plant    

    • Reducing its workforce and cost structure    

    • Turning the century old know how into an asset, by repositioning the business in the high end small volume luxury segment    

    • Partnering with an Asian manufacturer    

    • Selling to a competitor

  • Question 3

    What does finding new value engine in the value subsystem of the business model consist in?

    • Analyzing systematically throughout the entire usage ecosystem new sources of value

    • Finding ways to sell more services to your customers    

    • Selling at a higher price    

    • Repositioning your business as a luxury, high end service    

    • Going through selective distribution

    • Rethinking your revenue model

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