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Understanding competitive analysis

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Compétences évaluées

  • Understand competitive analysis
  • Define the scope of your competition


This quiz will determine how well you understand the fundamental concepts of competitive analysis

  • Question 1

    The marketing concept states that the key to achieving organizational goals consists of:

    • Determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors.

    • Building more features into your product that any competitor.

  • Question 2

    In the case of the customer buying a milkshake (and the job-to-be-done is staving off hunger while keeping them from being bored while driving), a banana is:

    • A direct competitor

    • A secondary competitor

    • An indirect competitor

  • Question 3

    Given you haven't started actual development on the product yet and you want to research if it is worthwhile to build a potential solution, then a competitive analysis is:

    • Appropriate

    • Inappropriate