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Ensure Your Research Adds Value

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Compétences évaluées

  • Gather Participant and User Data


Scenario: You are a product designer for a company specializing in standing desks called “Stand Can.” You have been asked to conduct user research to gather feedback and understand customer desires for use in developing the newest, improved desk model.  

Tasks: Answer the following questions to help you apply the user research concepts you just learned to your product designer role at Stand Can.

  • Question 1

    You want to conduct research on people already using Stand Can desks. How could you go about finding participants? 

    Attention, plusieurs réponses sont possibles.
    • Select three people at random and ask if they want to be interviewed.

    • Ask friends if they know someone who uses a Stand Can desk and would be interested in being interviewed.

    • Place posters at a local office supply shop or school calling for participants if they have used Stand Can desks.

    • Ask your colleagues. 

  • Question 2

    Which of the following are considered open-ended questions that you could ask during a user interview? 

    Attention, plusieurs réponses sont possibles.
    • Can you tell me what you think about the desk?

    • How do you feel when using your desk?

    • What is your favorite thing about the desk?

    • Are you happy with your desk?

  • Question 3

    Why do you want to avoid leading questions when conducting research?

    • Because your goal is to get honest feedback about the desks, so you want to avoid accidentally leading them to saying something that isn’t true.

    • Because if you use leading questions, you’re going to create a series of endless questions that will tire your interviewee.

    • Because leading questions will create negative feedback about your desks and the goal should be to keep all feedback positive.