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Conduct Meaningful Research

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  • Use Research Data to Improve A Project


Scenario: You are a product designer for a company specialized in producing standing desks called “Stand Can.” You have been asked to conduct user research to gather feedback and understand customer desires for developing the newest, improved desk model.  

Tasks: Answer the following questions to help you apply user research concepts you just learned to your product designer role at Stand Can.

  • Question 1

    Which statement is true?

    • It's not enough just to conduct research. You need to do something with it in order to uncover insights.

    • As long as you've done the research, that's all that matters. Since you're making all the decisions, other team members don't need to know what's going on.

  • Question 2

    Why should you analyze research data collected with your team? 

    Attention, plusieurs réponses sont possibles.
    • You'll uncover richer insights by discussing together and listening to unique observations and ideas from one another.

    • Gathering viewpoints from multiple people will help you reduce your biases as you plan your upcoming desk designs.

    • Working together will ensure everyone is on the same page as your move forward with the next steps of your design process.

    • It creates more work for your team.

  • Question 3

    What is a topline summary according to Steve Portigal?

    • The last step in analyzing data.

    • A preliminary outline of key themes and emerging ideas.

    • A paragraph summary that reflects each interview.

    • The top quotes said by a user.