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Improve your growth plan over time

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  • Improve a growth plan over time
  • Question 1

    Your brainstorming will have a better chance of being successful if you: 

    • Promote quality vs. the quantity of ideas.

    • Combine multiple options to achieve your AARRR goal.

    • Test and analyze your hacks.

  • Question 2

    You are looking for new hack ideas to increase your referrals. You organize a brainstorming session with several stakeholders and want to implement the PILLARS System. At what point in the brainstorming process do you implement it?

    • At the beginning of the reflection to frame the brainstorming session.

    • In the middle of brainstorming to intermingle ideas.

    • At the end of brainstorming to centralize the ideas.

  • Question 3

    You are currently analyzing your analytical dashboard to decide where to concentrate your efforts along the AARRR funnel. The number of mobile app downloads is informative because of its heightened importance compared to your usual data. What do you think of this metric? 

    • It's good news, but it's a vanity metric: the data needs to be dug deeper to understand where these downloads come from .

    • If the number of downloads increases so much, it's because people are satisfied with my service/application. 

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