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Last updated on 7/31/20

Quiz 1

Evaluated skills

  • Understand the nature of an entrepreneur
  • Understand the common obstacles for entrepreneurs and startups
  • Describe the basic process of beginning a new venture
  • Question 1

    Among the following list, which statement less applies to the entrepreneur, as he/she is described in the lecture?

    • The entrepreneur is an explorer

    • The entrepreneur is a fast learner

    • The entrepreneur likes gambling

    • The entrepreneur is persistent

    • The entrepreneur has the guts to challenge common wisdom

    • The entrepreneur believes he can be right against the entire world

  • Question 2

    Why the statement “driving in the dark” applies to an early stage startup?

    • Because it’s a race

    • Because only the entrepreneur, as the driver, has the vision

    • Because it is an exploration journey, where you never know if, when and where it will become successful

    • Because it is a long process

    • Because your project is always questioned by others who don’t understand

  • Question 3

    What is the main reason for startup failure?

    • Inability to raise enough resource

    • Team problem

    • Change in the environment (legislation, etc.)

    • Technical problems

    • Market (customers don’t buy or competition)

    • Marketing

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