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Last updated on 7/31/20

Get some practice generating ideas

It's your turn!

This exercise is about generating around 50 new and innovative ideas that might lead to a real startup opportunity. Out of these 50 ideas, we ask you to point out the top 3, that you really prefer.

There is no constraint about geography (it can be located wherever around the globe) or industry, no constraint other than your ability to conduct the startup project, related to each one of your ideas.

It can be for profit or non profit. The only barriers are the ones set by the law and ethics.

The goal of the exercise is ultimately to lead everyone of you to identify a real startup project, on which you will be working in the course of this program. Therefore, it is important that you identify, sectors, activities, projects that you really feel excited about.

Why 50 ?

It might look insane to some of you, but it has 2 main justifications:

  1. Volume matters! It takes lot’s of bad ideas to find a good one, and if you don’t let the bad one out, the good one will never come.

  2. It has nothing to do with being creative, but more with releasing the censorship we usually apply on ourself (it will never work). So let it go! Be crazy, inventive!

So, it’s important you all turn your brain in the idea generation mode. It might take some time, some might feel uncomfortable, but it’s worth the effort!

Use the 5 sources we talked about for some guidance about where to look (trends, industry mutation, technology/science, market, business model). And also remember the 5 skills of innovators, starting with observation. So, we advise you to go to places you like, and look around, attend events you’re interested in… and let the chemistry happen!

Be creative and remember that the most powerful innovation often look like dumb idea at the beginning. So don’t be afraid to challenge assumptions.

Download the pdf form by clicking here, you will have to fill the first page with 50 ideas and the second one with your top 3 ! Do not forget to save once you have completed it, then you will have to zip it and submit it below.

Check your work!

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