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Last updated on 7/31/20

Summing up

So, during this first period, we devoted most of our time to share with you some key ideas, rules, principles that are shaping the entrepreneurial journey…

This can be summarized by 4 ideas:

  • Watching the world differently, it is about the fact that good ideas often look bad at the beginning and the DNA of the entrepreneurial talent is precisely to go beyond common wisdom and have the guts and the ego to believe that you can do it.

  • The 2nd idea is “Driving in the dark”: it is based on the observation that the process for building an innovative technology based venture is a chaotic, unpredictable, exploration journey, where it’s all about learning, testing, searching, and being able to reinvent your project many times…

  • The 3rd idea is that this exercise of driving in the dark is based on a number of rules about how to manage that exploration journey. The good practices, the principles to avoid getting of the road are:

    • Establish the foundation of a viable business case (a value proposition and an addressable market)

    • Focus, simplify and start small

    • Prototype everything

    • Trial/Error is the best method for exploring

    • Capture the unexpected / listen to weak signals

    • Too much resources at the beginning leads to failure

  • And last knowing yourself as an entrepreneur, particularly your weak points, will make you a better leader of the project.. This is about understanding your entrepreneurial IQ.

  • Once you better understand your entrepreneurial IQ, the key rules for building a startup team become:

    • Look for talent and diversity in your team

    • Avoid territoriality in the skills

    • Directly talk to customers and close yourself the first sales (no one else can!)

    • Understand when to exit / the 4 stages of a venture

I hope you found that interesting, inspiring, motivating, energizing even.

I shared with you a number of additional content, mostly video conferences. I strongly encourage you to watch these video, as a key complement to the ideas developed in the course of these lectures…




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