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Last updated on 7/31/20

Quiz 2

Evaluated skills

  • Understand the challenges of innovation
  • Understand the skills necessary for innovation
  • Understand some of the major recent accomplishments in innovation
  • Question 1

    Innovating is all about challenging assumptions. But it is difficult and it means overcoming a number of hurdles. Among the list below, which one is not a hurdle?

    • The pressure to conform

    • The brain filters what seems irrelevant

    • The loss of creative confidence

    • The motivation for exploring new paths

  • Question 2

    Which are the 5 routines of innovators?

    • Observe, Associate, Question, Experiment, Network

    • Associate, Think, Network, Discuss, Observe

    • Network, Experiment, Follow your intuition, Have fun

    • Discuss, Travel, Prototype, Go to the Movies, Associate

    • Question, Network, Analyze, Experiment, Travel

  • Question 3

    Which one is not a good source of idea?

    • Trends

    • Changes in an industry

    • Technology or science

    • Market gaps

    • Business Model innovation

    • Competition

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