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Last updated on 3/30/22

Quiz 4

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Evaluated skills

  • Understand the nature of launching a venture
  • Question 1

    In this part, we mention the fact that entrepreneurs have to act first and think then. What is the main justification behind this behavior ?

    • Because you don’t have time to think

    • Because execution is what entrepreneurship is all about.

    • Because the board is there to think, and outside the board the entrepreneur just acts.

    • Because it’s impossible, through reasoning and thinking, to identify the right decision, and therefore it is a waste of time.

    • Because during the early days, thinking conveys mostly an image of indecision, which is not good.

  • Question 2

    What is the main role of the Board during the early days of the project?

    • Make sure the project is under control

    • Coach the leader

    • Confirm the main strategic options

    • Sense when the time comes to appoint a new CEO.

    • Help, support the entrepeneur in the schizophrenic exercise of leading an early stage venture.

  • Question 3

    The statement « Finding a cofounder is like getting married » means what ?

    • The entrepreneur spends more time on his venture than with his family

    • Relationship among business partners inevitably turn on the long run into couple like relationships.

    • It is a long term commitment

    • Beyond talent and skills, you must assess deeper sides of your future partner ; like, values, ethics, long term objectives.

    • It is a mutually exclusive commitment for each partner.