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Last updated on 11/30/21

Experiments, Hypothesis and the Lean Cycle

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Evaluated skills

  • Design a good lean experiment and explain the value of failing fast
  • Question 1

    According to the Pirate Metrics framework, which of these steps should we achieve success in first?

    • Acquisition

    • Activation

    • Retention

  • Question 2

    The metric "How many of this week's newly signed up users return in the next 7 days" could be used to measure which Pirate Metrics step?

    • Activation

    • Retention

    • Revenue

  • Question 3

    Why is this framework called Pirate Metrics

    • The "Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue Referral" steps have the first initials 'AARRR'. 

    • It’s inventor Dave McClure was once on a ship that was robbed by pirates