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Last updated on 11/30/21

See Lean Startup in practice

Evaluated skills

  • Design a good lean experiment and explain the value of failing fast
  • Question 1

    When A/B testing, should those two variants A and B be:

    • Quite different so that you can test a combination of page layouts, images, colors and text all within your testing

    • Be identical in every way except one

  • Question 2

    The idea behind split testing is that you separate your audience so that

    • Any given user gets either experience A or experience B

    • An individual user will see experience A and B alternately

  • Question 3

    If you are doing a big release that has a major impact on vital areas of your product, then releasing to a 1% bucket of users first is:

    • Good because you reduce the risk of any problems being experienced by the majority of users

    • Bad because only some users see the new functionality immediately

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