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Last updated on 9/29/20

Conduct a remote usability test

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Technology has made it even easier to conduct usability tests, so there is no excuse not to test regularly knowing you don't even have to be in the same place as your participant.

There are plenty of low budget ways to conduct remote tests as well. Consider sharing your screen during a Skype call or GoogleHangout. Newer versions of iOS allows screen recording, which is helpful, but you'll only see the screen, not where the participant's finger is directing.

There are several platforms that offer remote usability testing. Usertesting.com even offers a service to recruit participants (this is to keep in mind for future professional projects, not for OpenClassrooms assignments 😉 ). DScout and Ethn.io are other digital platforms for conducting and managing UX research remotely. They're all worth poking around to get a sense of how they work, and for free resources. 🤓

Remote usability tests may be moderated, which work like any usability test, but it just happens to be a conversation through an internet connection, or unmoderated, which are moderated through an online service or platform. In the case of the later, the user participant will receive written instructions, and can complete the task on their own time. The other benefit is they don't have to travel to test the product. 

UX Mastery presents how to run an Unmoderated Remote Usability Test (URUT) [5:47 min]

PROS of remote testing:

  • Can be conducted anywhere, any time

  • Have access to harder to access populations

  • Save time (and money) on travel

  • Get results quickly

  • Can conduct more tests in less time

CONS of remote testing

  • You don't see the user's setting/environment for context

  • Sometimes needs paid service to conduct

  • Lacks the in-person human touch

  • It's not ideal for testing initial sketches and wireframes 

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Example of certificate of achievement