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Last updated on 5/18/20

Get some practice running your own usability test

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It's your turn

This exercise is to encourage you to learn about usability from an existing website. You may pick any website of your choosing.

You will need to recruit 1-2 participants to test on. (For the purposes of this activity, it can be someone you know, but make sure it's someone who will take this seriously.).  You will need ~30-40 minutes of their time. You will be testing the website both on desktop AND on mobile to gain a sense of how tests work across devices. You may test both the website and mobile version with the same person, or recruit a second participant.

Before getting started with your usability test, prepare your script (with the help of Steve Krug's resources), as well as your 1-2 sentence task scenario of the task or action you'd like the participant to do during the test.

Conduct the test encouraging the participants to think aloud. Take notes during the test. Although you will not be graded on the recording for this exercise, you are encouraged to record a screencast in order to understand those functions and limitations.

You will need to create a PDF document with the following information in order to complete this exercise:

  • Website used for the usability test with 1 sentence task scenario

  • 3 key observations or insights learned from usability test for web

  • 3 key observations or insights learned from usability test for mobile

  • Annotated screenshot highlighting area of confusion for website 

  • Annotated screenshot highlighting area of confusion for mobile

  • Self-reflection of experience, lessons learned, what went well, what could be improved for next time (1-2 paragraphs)

Check your work!

Check that the following elements are present:

  • a presentation of task scenario is included

  • a website tested is included

  • observations are shared

  • Annotated screenshots are included

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement