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Last updated on 2/11/20

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Evaluated skills

  • Develop an argument by using rhetorical techniques
  • Adapt the wording of your text according to the chosen format
  • Question 1

    Which one is an example of linking words?

    • Our company completely agrees with your position.

    • Moveover, I’d like you to consider moving production to Friday.

    • I’m told insofar that the move will take place Thursday.

    • Several studies have demonstrated a link between smoking and lung cancer.

  • Question 2

    How can you soften your tone?

    • Use assertive language.

    • Try to work around the point; avoid straight answers.

    • Use a passive voice.

    • Avoid spelling errors.

  • Question 3

    Forming your idea as a question can be useful in which context?

    • Never use this form, it’s unnecessary at all times. If you want something, demand it.

    • Whenever delivering a negative message. It can be helpful because it eases in this idea as a suggestion.

    • When avoiding information. If you don’t want to give a direct answer, try to confuse the client with questions.

    • Whenever you are unsure of the accuracy of your claim. Expressing doubt in this way fosters trust.