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Last updated on 2/11/20

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Evaluated skills

  • Work on your layout
  • Proofread effectively
  • Question 1

    How often should you proofread your document?

    • Every time.

    • Only when you don't know your recipient.

    • When you have time.

    • You only need to proofread the first time you have written a document; if you’ve saved a sample it’s no longer necessary.

  • Question 2

    Is humour an effective tool for professional communication?

    • No, never. This is strictly business and you will tarnish your reputation.

    • Yes, to lighten the mood. Everyone enjoys a good laugh.

    • Only when exchanging emails or informal communication with colleagues you know well.

  • Question 3

    Is spelling important when finishing a professional written document?

    • Always.

    • No, as long as the recipient gets the point.

    • Only in the first exchange.

    • Yes, but auto-correction has made manual spell-checking an obsolete practice.