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Last updated on 4/2/20

Course summary

Congratulations on completing this course!  We have come a long way since the beginning, so let's recap:

In part 1, you learned about the DOM — how to get access to specific elements or groups of elements; how to navigate from one element to another; how to add, modify and remove elements; and how to listen for and react to DOM events.

In part 2, you learned about forms — how to hook up various input types and extract their value; how to handle form submission; several strategies for validating user input, and you made your first AJAX GET request.

In part 3, you dove deeper into AJAX — you learned about various strategies for dealing with asynchronous code; you made your first POST request; you learned how to leverage async/await to chain multiple requests together, both in parallel and in series; and you learned about error handling and the mentality that goes with it.

In part 4, you built a development environment on your local machine — you learned to use npm to install global, development, and production packages; to use Babel to transpile your JavaScript for maximum compatibility, and how to use Gulp to set up a production build and a development server with live reload.

Wow, that's a lot!  Well done for sticking with it all the way to the end!

With what you have learned here, you can already begin building exciting JavaScript projects, but you can also go on to learn more! The skills and knowledge acquired here are a great starting block, whether you continue with front-end work, with jQuery, Angular, React, Vue etc, or move on to back-end development with Node, Express, MongoDB etc. No matter what you choose, thank you for following this course all the way to the end. Happy coding!

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