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Starting a prototyping project

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Compétences évaluées

  • Understand the basics of prototyping
  • Question 1

    To emphasize that a prototype should support the primary goal of learning, some teams dispose of a prototype before writing real code and building a real system. Prototypes like this are called:

    • Throw-away prototypes

    • Clickable prototypes

    • Throw-up prototypes 

  • Question 2

    When setting a prototyping goal, we should consider

    Attention, plusieurs réponses sont possibles.
    • Desired Outcome

    • Company Context

    • Design Quality

    • Target Audience

    • Scope

  • Question 3

    Building a prototype can help you achieve which of the following goals:

    • Fire lazy employees

    • Decide the budget for next year

    • Evaluate whether customers understand a proposed product