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Last updated on 6/7/23

Test your knowledge on the relational model

Evaluated skills

  • Represent data with the relational model


Represent data with the relational model

  • Question 1

    What is the basic object of the relational model?

    • The primary key

    • The foreign key

    • Apples

    • The relation

    • The union

  • Question 2

    Which two statements are correct?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • In a database, the relation is implemented in the form of a table.

    • A tuple contains rows.

    • The terms tuple, row, vector, and record are all synonyms.


    • The terms vector, record, n-tuple, and key are all synonyms.

  • Question 3

    You are the administrator of your company’s database. This database contains the relation "employees," which lists everyone who works for the company. The first few rows of this table are as follows:

    last_name first_name work_phone office_number identifier department
    Dawoud Malik 019829 27 2893 human resources
    Ericson John 019499   2983 marketing
    Stevens Aisha 019283   1829 marketing
    Costanza George null 51 2993 maintenance
    [...] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...]

    Which of the following statements is false?

    • The  department  column could be a foreign key pointing to another table.

    • The  work_phone  attribute is an artificial key.

    • In order for  office_number  to be a candidate key, you must be certain that no employees share offices.

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