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Last updated on 6/25/20

Get some practice making a mind map and storyboard

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Its your turn!


First it's time for a mind mapping exercise. You're going to mind-map the person you know best- yourself! All you need is a blank sheet of paper and a marker or pen!

  • Put your name in a circle in the middle of the page

  • Add a line and circle for a key theme, area of study, or expertise/interest

  • Add related words and ideas around the subject (make sure you have at least 5 different words/connections

  • Repeat steps 2-3 for all the fields that relate to you

  • Be sure to include UX design (or what ever direction you may want to pursue in the future)

(For this exercise you MUST do your mind map by hand. You can include a digital version but you need to include both in that case).


Now it's time for a storyboarding exercise. The exercise is more effective when you team up with a friend, family member, or an eager stranger at a café. 

  1. Fold a piece of paper into thirds (like you would fold a letter to put it into an envelope). On the top of each rectangle write PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE. Each participant gets their own piece of paper.

  2. With a partner*, set a timer and give yourselves 10 minutes to storyboard your life in three frames. (If possible, include a 1-minute warning.)

  3. Sketch a visual that represents something about your past (left), your current situation (middle) and your future (right). (It's OK to use your imagination and dream big for the future!)

  4. Either through a few words or images make sure you establish context or setting for each frame.

  5. Take turns presenting each storyboard to the partner(s)/group (max. 3 minutes). Sharing your work is an important skill to get comfortable with even if you're talking through preliminary or quick ideas. 

  6. Don't forget to date your work! Who knows, this could become an important article in your future...

Check your work!

Mind map should include:

  • clear focus of mind map (name in center)

  • at least 5 linking themes/ideas/topics

  • visible connections between each idea

  • look like a web of ideas

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement