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Last updated on 6/30/20

Prepare for a Design Thinking Workshop

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Evaluated skills

  • Engage workshop participants
  • Facilitate an engaging design workshop
  • Create an agenda
  • Prepare a design workshop
  • Question 1

    Design thinking is often represented by which of the following phases?

    • Define, educate, prototype, teach, test

    • Empathize, define,  ideate, prototype, test


    • Empathize, do, test, prototype, define

    • Test, teach, ideate, define, empathize

  • Question 2

    Design thinking as a process can be used for:

    • Digital product creation

    • Physical product creation

    • In person experiences

    • Services

    • All of the above

  • Question 3

    What is the value of framing problems as "How might we...?" questions?

    • It proves you are asking questions.

    • It provides the solutions in the question.

    • It encourages you to think about an issue in an open-ended way.

    • It narrows down the focus so you know what the solution is.