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Last updated on 2/6/20

Understand the big picture of UI design

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Evaluated skills

  • Consider responsive web, and designing for mobile and desktop
  • Conduct an interface inventory to uncover existing components
  • Work with a style guide or design system to inform design choices
  • Communicate across a team of UX designers, UI designers, and developers


  • Question 1

    Which statement best describes style guides and design systems?

    • Every company uses the same style guide or design system to ensure the web is consistent.

    • A style guide is a higher level design system that integrates code snippets.

    • Style guides and design systems are shared libraries that define things like color, typography, and how buttons are used. 

    • All of the above.

  • Question 2

    What is the benefit of an interface inventory?

    • You can find all the inconsistencies in a site, many of which you may not have considered.

    • You can determine which aspects of the site need more attention.

    • It's a good way to help convince stakeholders, clients, and collaborators that the team should create a design system.

    • All of the above.

  • Question 3

    Why is it a good idea to include other team members in the interface inventory?

    • It's a good way to align team members around a common problem. When you see the problems for yourself, they become more meaningful as to why they need to be fixed, and how.

    • Interface inventories are extremely time consuming and often take a month or two to complete.

    • Interface inventories should always be outsourced to experts.

    • All of the above.