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Last updated on 2/6/20

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Evaluated skills

  • Comprendre les complémentarités et différences entre Sleuth et Zipkin
  • Question 1

    Why are wireframes useful for communicating across teams?

    • When a UI designer designs screens, they'll also need to be aware of things like state changes or the intended outcome of clicking a button so that they can design for that.

    • Developers can understand technical limitations before they even start coding, which can be communicated through wireframes.

    • Wireframing is a quick, inexpensive way to imagine what a design will look like before any time or money is spent on development. 

    • All of the above.

  • Question 2

    What makes using grids useful for layout design?

    • Grids can help arrange information in a way that creates hierarchy and makes information easier to digest for the viewer.

    • Grids make it easier to adapt layouts for responsive web design.

    • Grids and gutters help make sure there is consistent padding and spacing throughout your layout.

    • All of the above.

  • Question 3

    What best describes design patterns?

    • Inflexible systems that dictate how to approach certain design conventions.

    • UI components that fit together to form units to serve a particular purpose, and can be adapted for your needs.

    • Standards presented by the WWW Consortium to ensure the web works the way it should.

    • All of the above.